Dunkers (exhibition in 2008)

  Gåvor/Gifts – Dunkers, Helsingborg, 2008     The last exhibition on the works of Lenke Rothman that was organized while she was still alive, was a large retrospective exhibition in 2008 at Dunkers in Helsingborg, curated by Magnus Jensner. … Continue reading

Mora Kulturhus (Exhibition in 2004)

    In 2004, works of Lenke Rothman were exhibited in Mora, the region of Dalarna, Sweden, in an exhibition curated by Imola Mokos (see here Master thesis on Lenke Rothman here). To the exhibition, the teacher Lena Sundberg brought a … Continue reading

Storkyrkan 2007

Lenke Rothman had an exhibition inside Storkyrkan, the main church in Stockholm, featuring several works including “Christ in the gas chamber”.            

Gröna Paletten

Gröna Paletten in Stockholm was a gallery where Lenke Rothman had a couple of solo exhibitions in the 1960’s. These excerpts of a catalog are from one of those exhibitions, held 1965.        


Over several decades, Galerie Aronowitsch in Stockholm was the main gallery showing the works of Lenke Rothman. The page from a catalogue shown here is from 1980.    

Handarbetets vänner

Lenke Rothman had a longstanding collaboration with Handarbetets vänner (an association of weavers and cloth artists), making cloth replicas of several of her works. Here are some materials listed from that collaboration. These pages from an exhibition catalogue are from 1972. … Continue reading

Tillsammans med Elias

For more than 10 years, starting in 1979, an Exhibition named “Tillsammans med Elias” (Together with Elias – the son of Lenke Rothman) toured Sweden with Riksutställningar. Here are excerpts from the catalogue of that exhibition.         … Continue reading